COUNSELLING also known as ry plays the worst adults
Let's play "Pin the Tail on the Baby".
Worth has... Stefan Salvatore and Raidou Kuzunoha XIV!

LEMME KNOW WHEN YOU GUYS WANNA DO WHAT worth is a skeezy douchebag and will offer the worst advice and probably harass you. also drugs. yknow. if you want them.

ALSO STEFAN since you have both Worth and Conrad for counselling, DO YOU WANT US TO DOUBLETEAM YOU FOR HILARIOUS FAIL :'D

Q&A Tidbits.
Never punch a masochist
Tessa Stone, the author of Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, has done a couple of Q&A sessions on her Deviant Art where fans can chat with the cast (links are in Hanna's journal). It's not terribly consistent and some of the questions get stupid or repetitive, but it's usually pretty amusing. I'm picking out bits that are either useful and relevant to me playing Worth, or that make me laugh. Sometimes both.

Q. if you HAVE to choose [to fuck] absolutely ANYONE from HiNaBN who would you choose?
no squirming out of this question i hope.

Veser: Toni.
Toni: Ew.
Veser: WHAT.
Toni: I guess I'd choose Mister zombie but he's dead but he'd be a great platonic boyfriend, yes? Maybe Conrad.
Conrad: Wh-what?
Worth: EH. Is this like a ya gotta do someone in th' room or the world explodes kinda thing? Worst case scenario?
Hanna: I GUESS, I'm still squirming out of it.
Worth: Feh. Conrad cos he'd like it and he'd hate me for it.
Worth: HAHAHAHAH the reaction's totally worth it.

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[pre-intro shenanigans]
Hold on there are flying pancakes

...Well. Two confused men and a confused man-child.

...One confused man, a confused man-child, and Conrad.


Dont try to dry clothes in the microwave
Worth is INCREDIBLY rude and offensive, and throws around words that may make people uncomfortable. Primarily, he calls Conrad a fag. A lot. I don't believe there's any real ill intent or homophobia behind it (i'm actually not sure that he's entirely straight, either, because this canon has a lot of ambiguous gay, and you're welcome for all of you i just trapped with that link), it's just more than he knows it'll get a reaction out of Conrad. Chances are he won't use it much with other people, unless you strike him as particularly high-strung and likely to react amusingly to it, and even then I'm going to try to come up with better ways for him to troll. But just to be safe, I'm noting it here.

He's also an addict, and a masochist who's into self-harm for pleasure. I realise that the latter especially can be triggery, so this is an up-front warning that it may come up in his threads. If you'd like to privately contact me to not play him off of your characters or not bring this up in play with you because of this, please email me at words.that.rhyme at gmail.

If you at any point are made uncomfortable by something I do ICly, please contact me immediately. I'm almost always in chan, but if I'm not and I'm tagging from my phone, there are a lot of people in camp who have my number and can message pass, or you can contact me at the same email.

Feel free to use this post for an Opt In/Out for dealing with him or any of his less than pleasant behaviours.

...bluh it's like 3:30 in the morning, i hope i didn't miss anything important in this post.

Solves his problems with a hack saw
Name: Doc Worth. He has first name, but it's none of your damn business.
Age: Thirtysomething.
Height: 6'5"
Weight: Ridiculouly skinny.
Medical Info: Has a lot of scars on his arms and likely other places, is probably kind of malnourished, smokes a lot.
Eyes: Bloodshot, usually.
Hair: Blonde. Receeding hairline.
Physical Traits: Scruffy and unwashed. The his scars are, for the most part, self-inflicted and in varying states of freshness.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Juuuust about anything. I hate playing out the "you're fictional" thing though, so if for any reason your character would know the canon, just don't bring it up.

Abilities: Top secret medical abilities. Where by "top secret" i mean skeevy and illegal.

Notes for the Psychics: Nothing special here.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Chat with me first, and probably!

Maim/Murder/Death: No, no, and no thank you! That's what Hanna's for.

Kissing/Hugging: GO RIGHT AHEAD. Don't know why you'd want to.

Cooking: Not a chance.

Your Name/Alias: Ry
Age: 23
Character: Doc Worth
Series: Hanna is Not a Boy's Name
Age: Early-mid Thirties
Job: Back-Alley Pediatrician
Canon: Once upon a time there was an angry young girl named Hanna. Or at least, that's what you'd assume upon seeing the business card of this unnamed city's top part-time paranormal investigator. But as one recently deceased amnesiac zombie finds out, Hanna is not a girl at all. He is, in fact, an absurdly chipper man-child armed against the supernatural with a hammer, a "magic" marker, and a number of questionable contacts.

Included in these contacts, and trusted by Hanna for reasons that aren't exactly clear to anyone, Doc Worth is the go-to guy for paranormal medicine. And verbal abuse. And cockroaches. And probably tetanus (contracting, not curing). Worth is an
almost (read: not even remotely) certified med school drop out, magical drug addict, masochist, possibly Australian, and all-around huge skeeze. But under his arguably unwashed exterior he's hiding... the fact that he really is kind of a dick! But whatever, he seems to honestly care about Hanna and friends. And in the end, it's really just the thought that counts, right?


Right. If I'm gonna be treatin' any of ya sorry sobs, yer gonna knock it off with tellin' me I smell like th' swamp an' it's makin' you pine fer th' fjords of Louisiana or whatever. Fer starters, I don't see any fuckin' swamp 'round here, so I haven't got a damn clue what yer talkin' about. An' maybe, jes' maybe I wouldn't smell so bad if y' lot weren't drippin' entrails all over my jacket! Now put that arm back in it's damn socket an' fer chrissakes stop chewin' on it and we'll get down to business.

Speakin' of business, let's get the formalities outta th' way. Name's Worth. Doc Worth t' you, if I'm stuck patchin' you up every time some big nasty takes a swing at ya. Accordin' t' this incredibly helpful little note here, I'm yer new pediatrician. Not technically my usual line of work, but close enough! So line up, kiddies! The good Doc's probably got a lolly or something in his pockets-- wait, no, that's a cigarette... bit of lint... syringe... ooh, that was prob'ly a finger once upon a time! Wonder where that came from. Looks like you're out of luck, so you'll just hafta be good so I don't borrow a kidney or two while I've got ya knocked out.

Wot? 'Course I'm gonna knock ya out! What sort of doctor doesn't hand out anaesthetics free-ish with every surgery? Hacks, that's what. An' contrary to popular opinion, I'm no hack. Don't even try an' make some stupid pun about hacksaws, either, 'cos it's not funny. Medicine's no laughin' matter. 'Cept if you've been samplin' the nitrous, then it's hilarious and--

Oh, come on now, don't start that knockin' people out jes' to "steal" their organs is against th' hippocratic oath nonsense. I already said I'm knockin' you out fer yer own good. An' I'm th' one who actually bothered showin' up for a couple classes in med school, not you, arright? That doesn't have anythin' to do with hippos anyway, so while the fact that yeh've managed to find one in the middle of fuckin' farm country is impressive, it's not gonna stop me makin' a little money on the side. Besides, it's not like you were USIN' both of those anyway. Trust me, I'm basically a doctor.

93.3% IN!


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